Digital Transformation

Spatial Visualization

Cross Device Interaction

Enterprise Extensible

Object Modeling

Real Time Data Intelligence

Digital Twins

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Leverage our Platform to create visual experiences far beyond 3D


Achieve real time composition of data insights


Package content, real time data and insights


Enhance Human Performance with actionable Intelligence

Our Offering

RISE Group offers digital transformation application extensions platform to meet enterprise business needs and enable visualization apps driven by content/data packages capable of delivering actionable intelligence


RISE specializes in next-gen and immersive technologies with optimized visualization capabilities to transform, scale and drive business performance for a seamless enterprise, while keeping laser-focus on “user experience!” and ``Gamification!`` Our applications are powered by proven components that integrate well with enterprise software platforms while empowering users to accelerate their performance and agility.
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Key Features of our Platform

A Unique Platform that works across devices and Enterprise Platforms to achieve optimal visualizations driven by packages that bring content and data together


On Premise or Cloud

Apps that can go across device platforms such as Windows, IOS, Android and Devices such as HTC Vive / Oculus / Microsoft MR for VR, RealWear, Hololens, Magic Leap, Google Glass

Extension Apps

Ready to Use or Custom

3D, CAD, Documents, Media, Real Time Content and Data with Actionable Functions and Enterprise Integrations


Content and Data Optimized

We work hard to deliver on our promise for our software application to enable apps and packages with industry focus and become the best choice in digitally transforming any organization.

Global Clients

Our dedication to excellence and understanding of enterprise landscape makes large customers choose us over conventional approaches.

Successful Partnerships

We recognize that we can only build high value solutions when we partner with Industry Experts.

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We are focused on providing our clients with the highest
level of quality and excellent customer support.

1. How do we cost our products and services?

We adopt a Discovery process that enables our customers and partners understand the scope of what they are asking and why costs vary based on actual requirements that may result in the use of readily available features vs custom development considering the technologies we are working with are still evolving.

2. Do I need to be an Expert in AR VR MR XR technologies to engage with RISE?

Our approach is to minimize the transformation impacts on business organization as we believe human machine interaction is the most crucial aspect of adopting these technologies.

3. How do we begin engaging with RISE?

We recognize our customers adopt change and embrace new technologies with an assurance of minimal disruption to their business and customers. We developed a rapid Proof of Concept approach that allow trying before buying!

Our Partners

Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients
starts with our strong partnerships and mentors.