Snapdpl Studio

SNAPDPL Studio is an authoring and packaging application that facilitates the amalgamation of content whether it originates from 3D authoring applications, exported from CAD software, extracted from Scanning applications or content animation and gamified software along with data integration packs that create optimal packages that can be rendered in various extensions.
  • Create/Grab a 3D model
  • Import your 3D Model
  • Complete your composition
  • Assign materials
  • Create actions
  • Lists & Grabbale sequences
  • VR testing
  • Packing VR scene

Snap DPL Studio Features:-

1. Create/Grab a 3d model

Create or download your 3d model

2. Import your 3d model

Import your model to Simlab composer. a wide range of 3D formats is supported by simlab composer

3. Complete your Composition

Complete the overall look of your scene by adding additional components and elements.

4. Assign Materials

Assign materials to your 3D model in order to give your VR scene a realistic look, by dragging and dropping materials from the material library to the different components.

5.Create Actions

Create animated actions and assign them to the different parts of the model to create an interactive experience for users san diego downtown. Integrate with ready to execute data queries organized as packs or perform dynamic functions on structured or unstructured data.

6. Lists & Grabbable Sequences

Assign different type of lists and sequences on the variant elements to create customizable options for users to manipulate in VR.

7. VR Testing

Test your VR experience in simlab VR desktop mode prior to using the HDMS. Navigation of the desktop mode can be achieved through the mouse and keyboard arrows Besides VR testing you can create an interactive PDF of your scene with the assigned actions and send it to client as an initial presentation of your 3D Experience.

8. Packing VR Scene

Pack your VR Scene and display it in VR showroom or Mobile Viewer to make sure everything works fine.