snapdpl application

A unique Application that can be deployed On Premise or on Major Cloud Platforms and easily extended to address specific industry use cases via extension packs while leveraging common services that are essential for rendering digitized content and data packages. This approach extends enterprise business processes to empower the user with highly satisfying experience and enhance their productivity while motivating them to advance human performance.
  • Extensible processes and data model
  • Render on any device with micro apps
  • Organizational flexibility to Integrate with Enterprise Applications
  • Standard models
  • Content packages
  • Data pipelines
  • Extension Apps

snapdpl application features:-

1. App Extensions with Micro Sites

Deploy scalable and configurable micro sites that lead to micro apps with standardized services for communications, messaging, integrations, storage connectivity and business objects related to master lists and transaction data from enterprise applications with proven authentication click here and operate in hybrid deployment model. The commerce ready packages that are organizationally licensed and ready to provision analytics that lead to insights and actions by the end users to create a close looped business process extension.

2. Any Device with Micro Apps

Launch user-relevant and product experiences through Micro Apps specific to devices to advance the use of the technology beyond traditional desktop and smart devices to wearable mounted devices or operate across different devices that fit the persona along licensing and customization ready models including integration with its dedicated micro site whether it is for consumer or business partners or divisions within the same organization. This approach optimizes traditional global roll-outs and allow organizations to innovate in extending the reality and users augmented with intelligence.

3. Organizational Flexibility

Leverage use of Wizards to efficiently manage multiple changing roles, groups, products and permissions etc. and extend or add relationships to extend traditional enterprise application-centered data to offer users more flexibility in rapidly offering digital content and data feeds that are otherwise restricted to application developers hampering easy authoring of decision making processes of the user.

4. Standard Models for Business Processes

Bring standardization to Micro Apps through the use of Business Process hierarchies and ready-to-use micro services tied to platform data models or integrated applications fix body group. Our unique object definition process with classification at meta, configuration, master, transaction, interactions leading to reports and insights allow simplified modeling and manage impacts  through lineage analysis to achieve continuous integration and compatibility with enterprise applications in place from inception.

5. Content Packages

Achieve one-of-a-kind user experiences by leveraging CAD, Scan, computer-generated and animated environments and Images to transform with off the shelf transformation tools and publish through a common process to enhance, bundle, validate and optimize for device ready packages and  assign predefined scripts with data-driven APIs, Functions and Audio / video boards, These packages can be shared within the organizational users or potentially licensable through a digital certificate assignment.

6. Data Pipelines

Utilize simple, ready-to-use-connectors along with pre defined templates aligned to application or industry standards that will organize queries, transformations and functions to  pack data movements to deploy on a desktop or virtual machine or cloud server less function to flow data inbound or outbound to the application. In addition, the application core operations are architected to run on model driven micro services that are integrated with forms that are device optimized to achieve real time integration with the application data model or external data sources seamlessly to equip user needs for realization of super visualizations with greater interactions making day to day operations highly actionable.