Managed Services

Our Managed Services

Today’s business environment, network downtime is simply not an option. The costs to your business are too great – with the potential for lost productivity, lost customer service, and most importantly, lost revenue. But, ensuring around-the-clock network availability is no small feat – particularly if it falls squarely on your shoulders.

24x7 Support for 24x7 Network Availability

Our enterprise-level services and support provide SMBs – like yours – with the resources needed to maximize network security, availability, and performance. Our proactive approach to network management helps you anticipate – and prevent – outages, providing you with the confidence that your infrastructure is up and running and protected, and will stay that way.

Infrastructure Management Services is a Key and growing practice area at RISE. RISE IMS Build Significant capabilities and expertise in providing support services through the IT infrastructure managed services Through a Global Support model that has the capacity to provide round the clock support services

Allowing IT infrastructure management costs are always accompanied by increased IT infra maintenance costs and the need for larger IT teams. For companies that want to streamline operations and reduce their outlay on IT infra management, RISE provides remote IT infrastructure management.

RISE IMS services provides round the clock monitoring of servers,network & applications for availability and utilization, incident & problem management, OS reinstallation and upgrades, user management services and much more.


Remote Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

IT Infrastructure management is bigger challenge to keep the infrastructure running a highly available and efficient functional. RISE offers Infrastructure monitoring and Management services to help Organizations to overcome challenges to manage infrastructure. Ensuring that the IT infrastructure is highly available as per SLAs becomes our job.

We have skilled IT teams with deep knowledge of all aspects of the IT infrastructure hardware, software, networking, connectivity, Security and highly skills to manage machine critical applications as well as hardware.

We have right tools, capabilities and process to manage and increase efficiency of infrastructure.

Service Features

  • Monitoring of all layers of IT resources including network (WAN, LAN, Security), compute, storage, backup, operating system, application, database & services
  • Proactive alerting and resolution before impact up times.
  • 24X7 dedicated team along with domain expertise.
  • Dashboards to view the entire IT setup.

Server & Network Management

RISE, we provide services to make your network and server infrastructure easier to manage, more efficient, effective and more secure. We ensures that IT investments are delivering as per business need.
We help ensure your network environment is properly optimized and protected through our bandwidth usage analysis services.
We help organization to overcome their IT infrastructure management through following services.

Server,Network Management & Service Monitoring

Bandwidth Utilization analysis

Managed Anti-virus & Anti-spyware

Remote Support

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Patching

Onsite Support

Virtualization solutions

Information Security Management

Information Risk Assessment

Gap Analysis

Network Risk Analysis

Vulnerability Assessment

Physical Security Preview

Network Penetration Test

Information Assets Profiling

Application Security Test

Risk Mitigation

Information Security Policies

Disaster Recovery Plan

Recommendation for mitigation

Road map for security implementation

Contingency Plan

Security Implementation & Management

Information security awareness training

Training/testing for DRP

Manages security services

Implantation training for process and policies

Security architecture