RISE Inc. incorporates Software Labs, Inc. xFusion SAP Business

DALLAS, Texas – 5/4/2010

RISE Inc. today announced that it has incorporated xFusion SAP Business from Software Labs, Inc. of Roseville, CA. The companies have been partnering since 2004 to deliver data migration and automation solutions and services to the ERP market.Software Labs’ popular suite of software products are particularly successful in the SAP partner and customer communities.RISE plans to expand its existing solution offering to address the needs of the enterprise customer.These offerings include industry and application specific data flows, automation of custom processes,integrated online collaboration, business operations and office productivity suite, business process and performance management solutions, Enhanced IT and Application Service management and Quality Application and Development Services.

These solutions bring high-value to process- and business-oriented professionals. They are designed to enable companies to improve specific business processes, reduce business risk associated with data quality and accessibility limitations, and help create competitive advantage through improved data and process management.

RISE believes that incorporating Software Labs SAP business will drive significant business benefits through the combination of new, innovative solutions and dedication to the SAP Installed base. Additionally, existing partners of both companies will now be able to expand their offerings to include these new business solutions.

“We are extremely happy to transition xFusion for SAP to RISE as they possess the enterprise knowledge and experience,”said Pradeep Tapadiya, CEO of Software Labs Inc.”They have the potential for rapidly delivering business process driven automated solutions with built in data quality to significantly benefit SAP installed base.

“We are excited about this expansion as we will now offer many new solutions that Enterprise customers really need this year,” said Suresh Ketha, CEO of RISE Inc.”We are tied closely to the SAP customer community and look forward to delivering value to them through our upcoming offerings.”

About RISE Inc.

Resource Integration Solutions Enterprise Inc.(RISE) is a Dallas, Texas based company focused on cloud computing R&D and provides solutions for integrating the business enterprise.RISE provides “Platform-as-a-Service” All-in-one solutions to help companies deploy the entirety or a portion of their business processes to the cloud.

RISE provides insight and value to customers by leveraging knowledge, proven methodologies, global talent, innovation and continued focus on business process optimization as well as non-disruptive technology.RISE ensures the delivery of complete solutions that help companies build customer loyalty through increased levels of service and improved quality of outputs while optimizing the Total Cost of Ownership.

RISE has a network of offices and development centers across the US and India. RISE is a Certified Woman Owned Minority Business Enterprise.

About Software Labs Inc.

Software Labs, Inc. delivers advanced data management solutions that are designed to increase business process efficiencies and improve business decision-making. Its xFusion suite of software products and other solutions enable businesses across industry to manage and use critical information swiftly, easily and affordably.

Software Labs is headquartered in Sacramento, CA, and currently serves customers and collaborates with partners in North America and Asia Pacific. The company partners with several leading technology, reseller and service providers, and is a certified small business enterprise (SBE).