One of the great promises and at the same time one of the main focus areas is bridging of digital/cyber/virtual and physical worlds. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are used in several sectors and contexts, from consumer applications to manufacturers, as manufacturers increase their digital transformation effort on the strategic path.

The simulation models and the use of augmented reality can speed up the entire production chain, in combination with the right data, starting from the use of AR and VR in virtual design. AR can be extensively used in the maintenance of the production chain or maintenance of the equipment in the utilities industry.

Use cases include machining and production, education and collaboration, factory planning, assembly, security, testing and digital prototyping, to name a few. By 2021, the majority of AR/VR spending will be for industrial maintenance.

In operations, with the proper equipment and solutions service people, factory staff and logistics staff can perform their tasks better if they have the information they need in front of their eyes. Process manufacturing training, assembly and safety are among the main use cases of VR and AR.